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What is in4mo Contractor all about?

If you are a service company operating in the building repair and renovation trade as any of the following:


Project Manager

Demolition Expert

Cleaning Expert

Drying Expert




Glass Expert



Waste Management

in4mo Contractor allows you to manage your projects efficiently and consistently, giving you more time to be where it matters most: working with your customers.

What’s available in in4mo Contractor?


to manage repair and renovation projects end-to-end

Case Handling
Cost calculation


to set-up and monitor ongoing projects

Partner Management
Own reports
Tasks creation


to keep track of key project events

Case Log
Initial quote


easy interactions with customers

Customer management



to make sure our solution is used in the most optimal way

Help desk (local language)

in4mo Cost Calculation allows you to perform accurate building repairs/renovation cost estimates while on-site.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

You develop a high level plan of what must be done in each room.

You decide which tasks need to be done (we call them work items).

The total cost is calculated based on material, activities and measurements selected in each work item.

Why is it so easy?

We developed a complete list of the work items you need to perform typical building work cost calculations. Each work item is tailored to the specific practices used in your country (correct techniques, correct materials). We have built-in a lot of assistance to help you create an accurate cost calculation.

in4mo Contractor offers clear benefits to all involved:

Service Company Craftsman
Most activities done in the field
Easy to use common sense process
Keeps administrative tasks to a minimum

Service Company Support Office
Easy to assign work to employees
Smooth coordination of employee’s tasks
High quality support when needed

Service Company General Manager
Advanced workload and project tracking
Minimize employee non-productive time
Improve repeat business at a low predictable cost

Predictable project cost schedule
Transparency of project status
Increased satisfaction

Contractor Lite

  • All Insurance Cases
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Customer Communication
  • Documentation Management
  • Operation Management
  • Support
  • Work Time Reporting (Optional)

Contractor Pro

  • All Insurance Cases + Own Cases
  • Streamlined Processes + In4mo Cost Calculation
  • Customer Communication
  • Documentation Management
  • Operation Management
  • Support
  • Work Time Reporting (Optional)
  • ✓ Integration to Own IT (Option)

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