Accurate building work cost estimation in the field.

What is in4mo Cost Calculation all about?

If you are an insurance company needing cost estimations from your partners, or a service company operating in the building repair and renovation trade as one of the following:


Project Manager

Demolition Expert

Cleaning Expert

Drying Expert




in4mo Cost Calculation allows fast and accurate cost estimation of the required building work while assessing the project with the customer.

How does in4mo Cost Calculation work?

You develop a high level plan of what must be done in each room.

You decide what tasks need to be done (we call them work items).

Total cost is calculated based on material, activities & measurements selected in each work item.

Why is it so easy?

We developed a complete list of the work items you need to perform typical building work cost calculations. Each work items is tailored to the specific practices used in your country (correct techniques, correct materials). We have built-in a lot of assistance to help you create an accurate cost calculation.

In4mo Cost Calculation offers clear benefits to all involved

Service Company CraftsmanCost estimated on site where facts are available Your own expertise is the only thing you needLogical approach with built-in assistance to help get the job done correctly and quickly

Service Company General ManagerAccurate estimation calculated early in the project to avoid big surprisesPerfect for customer quotes and offersHigher customer satisfaction leads to repeat business

Insurance Claims DepartmentStandardized Cost estimation for a fast compensation decisionFully integrated into in4mo solutions, no further IT integration neededFast roll out to partner network with partner price negotiation built-in

Insurance Business LeaderTotal building claims cost is under control at all timesHigh customer satisfaction and lower customer churnEarlier decision reduces likelihood of fraud

CustomersCost of the project is predictableProject plans are detailed and comparableIncreased customer satisfaction

½ day*
Cost Calculation Training

in4mo Cost Calculation principles
Pricing set-up
Work Plan creation
Cost Control
Cost Estimate Documentation
Customer Sharing
Hands On Practice

*Arranged in your premises. 1 day if combined with other modules

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