At in4mo we want our customers to succeed, so we offer a
range of powerful services to help them achieve just that:

We offer all our products on a SaaS basis for our customers’ peace of mind

We take care of the IT side so you don’t have to worry about capacity, maintenance or backup.

All you need is a username and password to access our solutions through supported browsers and/or apps.

We guarantee our quality of service during local business hours (Agreed Service Level Agreements). Click to view our availability statistics.

We offer support in local languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English; German coming soon).

We adhere to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information Security Management standard. Click to view our certificate >.

Our service scales as your needs evolve and grow.

We have multiple options to eliminate repetition and inefficiency by integrating with your IT systems.

This way you get all the benefits of in4mo solutions, whilst keeping the benefits that your own and third party systems bring.

We certify every insurance partner user to ensure that each insurance case is handled consistently

To guarantee that insurance cases are managed consistently, irrespective of the service company assigned to perform the tasks, only in4mo certified individuals can modify insurance cases.

This way…

Customers receive the best service

“Consistent case handling makes for fast compensation decisions.”

Service companies receive better support

“Great baseline knowledge of in4mo solutions allows for in-depth support.”

in4mo users become more efficient

“Users can utilize the most advanced functionalities from day one.”

We offer a wide range of training to ensure every in4mo user makes the most of our solutions.

Open courses for Service Companies

  • Scheduled in advance in major cities.
  • Delivered in the local language.
  • Adapted to each specific role (incl. Certification).
  • We also offer remote certification assessment.
Remote assessment is suitable when certified employees are able to train their colleagues.

Dedicated Courses for Insurance Companies and Service Companies

  • Scheduled when and where you want.
  • Delivered in the local language.
  • Adapted to your organisation’s specific needs.
  • Can include a certification assessment if required.
Especially relevant when a large number of employees have to be trained (i.e. first training, new functionalities).
Contact us to arrange a dedicated training

You can check the availability and register to our scheduled courses through your in4mo portal.

We provide extensive support options to ensure our users are making the most of our solutions

We have integrated support functionalities in multiple places throughout our solutions:

Contextual help

Extensive support library

Answers to common questions


Error reporting

Support in the local language